2-axis Spring Former
Wire diameter (Steel wire) 0.15~0.8 mm
Max. spring O.D. 20 mm
Max. length of front leg 25 mm
Max. length of rear leg 50 mm
Working direction Clockwise / Anticlockwise
Feed Axis Y Axis
Min. value กำ 0.01 mm
Max. value กำ 99999 mm
Max. feed speed 1400 mm/sec
Motor capacity AC750W
Cam axis X Axis
Min. value กำ 0.1 Degree
Max. value กำ 359.9 Degree
Max. production speed 450 RPM
Motor capacity AC750W
Power 3p 220V 50/60Hz
Pneumatic air pressure
4-5 kg/ cm 2
Machine gross weight 300 kg
Machine dimension 76*88*180 cm
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